To help coaches get the most out of their network connections, strengthen current relationships, and broaden their reach by creating new ones, we’ve made some enhancements to Coach Profiles.

Coaches at the high school, club, and junior college levels can now more easily demonstrate where they’ve successfully placed athletes throughout their careers, showcasing their ability to develop talent, accurately evaluate their athletes, and send them to the right college programs.

This provides college coaches a greater depth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the value of their network connections and helps them find the best recruits for their programs through trusted sources.

Coaches can also build out their coaching and playing history, which allows them to showcase their experience and expertise to other coaches, to discover connections in common, and to identify where they might have crossed paths with other coaches in the past.

Benefits for High School/Club Coaches:

  • Demonstrate ability to place players at the next level
  • Develop and accurately evaluate athletes
  • Showcase experience and expertise with coaching/playing history
  • Build credibility with college coaches
  • Send better quality athlete promotions to college coaches

Benefits for College Coaches:

  • See where coaches have placed players in the past
  • Better understand which coaches provide accurate player evaluations
  • Know which coaches have placed athletes in your Division, Conference, and State
  • Identify which athletes are targeting your school
  • See which athletes you’ve viewed, which videos you’ve watched, and which athletes you’re currently following
  • Review the coaching and playing histories of coaches to understand their experiences and expertise
  • Receive better quality athlete promotions to college coaches