Many athletes don’t just play for their high school teams, they play year round for club / travel teams too, so FieldLevel is introducing the Multi-Team Feature that allows athletes to connect their profile to multiple teams and multiple coaches.

Colleges know that the most complete and accurate information about an athlete comes from their coaches – coach-centric recruiting is a must!

With input from multiple coaches, the multi-team feature provides colleges with more complete information about an athlete’s:

  • Projected Level
  • Skill Level
  • Character Traits

When you connect your profile to more teams, all of your coaches are given the opportunity to write up assessments of your game for colleges to review, painting a more complete picture of who you are as an athlete.  In the eyes of the colleges, an assessment or promotion of your skill and character from one coach is made stronger when other coaches that know your game agree.

The multi-team feature provides athletes with three big advantages:

More Assessments & Promotions

Each coach has a unique perspective of their athletes’ abilities, both on and off the field/court.  By linking your profile to each team you play for, you can receive assessments from coaches at each team for college coaches to review.  Furthermore, having your profile connected to multiple teams and coaches allows each of your coaches to promote you to college coaches in their networks.  Because each coach’s network is unique, this helps get your profile in front of the greatest number of college coaches and increase your exposure.

More Profile Content

Coaches on each of your teams can add video, stats, and other info into your profile.

More Interest & Activity

Having multiple references and videos in your profile helps college coaches get a great understanding of your abilities and why you’re potentially a good fit for their program.

Check out the new Multi-Team Feature by going to your athlete profile and adding / invite coaches from your other teams.