College Of Marin LogoJacob Barron went to Novato High School in California where he played all four years on varsity. Despite being one of the top pitchers in his area, Jake didn’t get many looks from college coaches coming out of high school. Looking to continue his career, Jake’s only options were small scholarship offers to an NAIA school and a Division III school.

“Despite being a top player in my area, I was disappointed to see I didn’t have very many opportunities out of high school. My high school coach didn’t have great connections outside our immediate area” said Jake.

After mulling over his options, Jake decided to attend College of Marin, a junior college in Northern California. As a freshman, he pitched out of the bullpen and earned All-League honorable mention.

“There are so many college-caliber players and late round draft pick type guys out there that constantly get overlooked. I’m 6’0″, 180 lbs. and throw 85-87 mph. I’m not a top MLB draft pick. But that doesn’t mean I can’t play in college or the pros.” explained Jake.

Jake knew that getting his coaches involved in the process was important. Despite playing well his freshman year, he still wasn’t receiving much interest from 4-year schools. That’s when he heard about FieldLevel from his coaches.

“The coaches at Marin were great proponents of our players. During my freshman year, they were just beginning to use FieldLevel. However, when I got back for my sophomore year, they were completely dialed into FieldLevel, they had written my assessment, certified my profile, and it was full steam ahead”

After joining FieldLevel his sophomore year, Jake received interest from dozens of college coaches and said he was almost overwhelmed by the attention he was getting.

“I had to decide between 35-40 opportunities and scholarship offers from all over the country. While I was familiar with some of the schools interested in me, like UC-San Diego, I was shocked to see how many opportunities were available to me that I didn’t know were possible. FieldLevel opened my eyes to these opportunities and gave my coaches the power to help me discover these opportunities”.

Jake accepted a 98% scholarship to Upper Iowa University, where he will be studying communications with an emphasis on marketing and mass media.

“FieldLevel is the future of recruiting and sports. College coaches and scout don’t just hop in the car and drive for hours without having done their due diligence first. They are using technology to vet and research players. But 5-10 years ago, these types of opportunities didn’t exist. Using FieldLevel opens up opportunities to both coaches and players anywhere and everywhere in the country. This gives schools in the Midwest and east coast chances to find great players they couldn’t before.”