Buck Thomas is the general manager and head coach of Team Vegas, a baseball academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. Coach Thomas helps run one of the best known programs in Nevada with top-level talent. Andrew Church is one of Team Vegas’s top pitchers, garnering attention from Division I schools all over the country. In an effort to get Andrew the best playing opportunities possible, Coach Thomas sent Andrew’s FieldLevel profile to colleges programs including the coaching staff at the University of San Diego (USD) in California. Coach Thomas said:

“All of the info was in one place for coaches to look at. It was easy for the coaches at USD to make an educated decision on what they wanted to offer Andrew. He had offers from a number of other DI schools, but USD seemed like a great fit for Andrew.”

After reviewing Andrew’s information and speaking to Coach Thomas, the USD coaching staff offered Andrew a scholarship to play for the Toreros in 2014. According to Buck, the coaches at USD knew they had something special in Andrew:

“[The coaches at USD] were so thrilled with Andrew. I was just trying to give Andrew and my players the most opportunities to play in college. Andrew is incredibly gifted as a player and great kid.”

Coach Thomas can’t wait to promote more of his athletes to college programs using FieldLevel.

“There are so many opportunities on FieldLevel for my players. The USD coaches and I joke that it’s like the private twitter for college baseball coaches. It helps me find the right place for my guys to go.”

FieldLevel is free for coaches and athletes to join. Every athlete must be invited and certified by their coach. Go to FieldLevel.com to sign up and learn more.