The University of South Alabama and Tacoma Community College are over 2,500 miles apart. While the University of South Alabama is a Division I baseball program and recruits players from all over the country, the Jaguars typically land top prospects from the south including Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, etc. But reading the South Alabama baseball press release announcing their 2012-2013 recruiting class leaves many wondering how they landed top recruits in Washington State.

Ask assistant coach Jerry Zulli what the coaching staff did differently this year, he’ll say: FieldLevel”

Coach Zulli said South Alabama has recruited from the Pacific Northwest in the past, but FieldLevel makes it much more efficient for his program to do so. Whereas before, Coach Zulli would have made dozens of phone calls or sent dozens of emails to his coaching contacts in Oregon and Washington to inquire about recruits, he simply connected with all NWAACC (Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges) baseball coaches on FieldLevel.

“We simply added all of the NWAACC junior college programs on FieldLevel to our network and sent a message saying we were looking for a corner infielder for next season. Within hours, we had numerous responses with profiles and great information on recruits which typically took months to gather before.”

Coach Zulli connected with the coaches at Clark Junior College, Tacoma Community College and Lower Columbia Community College, requesting information on several players from each program. Coach Zulli knew he had found “diamonds in the rough” that he may not have found without FieldLevel.

“Connecting with these coaches has made it so easy to receive promotions with top-level talent in the Northwest. We provide a great opportunity to play baseball at South Alabama because of the weather and exposure to a different type of baseball in the south. FieldLevel is so efficient at helping us find talent and market our program to kids all over the country.”

In less than three weeks, the University of South Alabama signed two pitchers and one infielder from the state of Washington, all of whom won 2012 All-NWAACC Conference Awards and Gold Gloves.

“I’ve used a number of different software systems for different reasons in coaching and I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s the simplest to use, it’s something we use everyday and it’s a ‘must-have’ for us. The athlete profiles we receive from coaches have valuable information and allow us to determine which prospects we are going after and who won’t fit our needs.”

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