Andrew Knight is a solid defensive catcher and leader of his high school team in North Carolina. Andrew has a passion to play baseball at the collegiate level but felt he wasn’t getting the type of support and exposure from his current travel ball team. Andrew turned to Jeff Schaefer, founder/director of East Coast Prospects, a developmental organization in North Carolina.

While Schaefer, a former Major League Baseball player, has many relationships with college coaches, he turned to FieldLevel to help promote and market Andrew to college programs he believed Andrew would thrive in.
“I wanted to use Andrew as my guinea pig to test how powerful FieldLevel really was. I knew Andrew would be a perfect fit at the Division II or NAIA level, so I sent Andrew’s profile to all those coaches in FieldLevel”

Within days, Schaefer says he received dozens of phone calls and messages regarding Andrew’s profile. Schaefer invited a number of college coaches to come watch Andrew play, including the coaching staff at Catawba College, a Division II school in North Carolina.

“Andrew isn’t your prototypical, Division I, big-time prospect. He isn’t 6’2″, 200 lbs. that hits massive home runs. But he’s a very reliable, solid catcher that plays great defense, hits the ball gap to gap, and is a great leader”

After watching Andrew play, the coaches at Catawba invited Andrew for an official visit and eventually offered him a scholarship.

“These [FieldLevel] profiles are incredibly classy and professional looking. It made it so easy for me to contact coaches and get my player seen. I couldn’t be happier”.

Schaefer can’t wait to promote all of his players using FieldLevel. He even references one of his 2014 players who plays for a small private school in North Carolina. Schaefer says it would be very difficult for this athlete to be seen by college coaches without FieldLevel, but he already has top Division I schools from the ACC coming to watch his games.

“I’m connecting with coaches in Las Vegas and Chicago who are interested in my players. FieldLevel has completely broadened my horizons and opened up opportunities to my kids. Any coach that I speak to that hasn’t joined the network yet I tell them ‘You have to do this!'”.